Labor Of Love Project Summer 2013 : Shed Turned Gazebo Style Garden House

So, what a labor of love this project has been this summer. In making a long story short, a few years ago we bought a Homestyle Shed from their “Premiere” series. Since day one, I had aspirations of turning it into a Gazebo style garden house. In doing so, we also thought it would re-enforce the original building making it even stronger, lasting, and more durable. Pictured below are the steps we went through….

First, we bought the building at Menards. To see a picture of it, go to Homestyle Sheds or go here. It wasn’t easy to put up like the salesman told us. Our biggest recommendation is to be sure to get as much help with it as possible. Better yet, hire a contractor if you can. It’s worth it and it will save you a lot of grief. Also, do it on a day when there is NO WIND or even a slight breeze! 8O

We left the building alone for a year, but, the winters in Wyoming are harsh. We were worried the winds or even a good Spring or Summer storm would do it in. I had visions of hail putting holes in the walls. So, the first thing we did after having the shed for a year was re-side it the next summer. We used pine panels. (sorry this is the only picture I have of the shed in this stage)


The following summer we painted it gray and white. We also strung it for electricity.

Shedfinished 016

Next, the inside! So, this summer, we added a new floor and wood panels to the walls. Like the siding, this re-enforced the strength of the building once again.

RosesShed 002

RosesShed 003

And now to painting and decorating it ….and putting up some last finishing touches. Here is the final look of it all. A much brighter and more homey feel for us, any guests, and yes, our cats too who are loving it as well.

Shedfinished 020

Shedfinished 022

Shedfinished 026

Shedfinished 024

Yay! So, now what can I dream up for it? Maybe Wi-Fi (as a friend suggested), some windows, and new doors?

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  1. jimmbboe says:

    Looks great!


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