Christie Brinkley Defends Daughter Alexa Joel, Makes Strong Statement Against Bullying


Above is a picture of Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel’s daughter Alexa Ray. Apparently, Alexa was seen on Monday at Fashion week and then a few days later she was seen with black cat eye eyeliner on her eyes as seen in this photo. Afterwards, someone accused Alexa of “tweeking” her eyes. Let’s just say, Christie is not happy about it as any Mother wouldn’t be. She had these words to share at her facebook:

When did we get so mean…when did it become ok to make make money by making fun of people…by lying about people…when did we decide its acceptable to be so shallow and superficial…when did children become fair game….somehow despite it al, this child has blossomed into a beautiful young lady beautiful inside and out…deal with it! We must stop all forms of bullying NOW…No more bullying on the playground , in the home or in the press we can and MUST do better We must redeem ourselves and stand up for a return to kindness and civility for the sake of our children and our society as a whole! I am so proud of you Alexa for the beauty you possess and share in the form of gratitude. generosity, talent, intelligence and compassion!

WORD Christie!!! Well said and we think Alexa is just beautiful!!!

You can read Christie’s full statement here.

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2 Responses to Christie Brinkley Defends Daughter Alexa Joel, Makes Strong Statement Against Bullying

  1. From what I hear, Alexa is a super person in her own right. Although some may think it’s glamorous to have a glamorous mother, it must be hard to avoid the constant comparisons. Christie has done a great job in keeping all her children out of public scrutiny. It’s hard enough for non-famous kids these days…To see Alex break out into her own, with her own beauty is a pleasure . I hear she’s a darn good musician too!

  2. Voguerista says:

    Thanks for your comments Janice and I so agree. It’s wonderful seeing Alexa breaking out on her own …with her own beauty and talent.


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